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匿名 Asked: what if legolas dies in bofta i will scream



gee….something tells me that he wont

I think I may die from heat stroke.

And here I thought love stage would be different? But no, let’s just pass off attempted sexual assault as a “mosquito bite”. I find this is a common theme in BL: unwanted sexual advances even when it’s clear that the other party doesn’t want it (says no multiple times or stop, even shows emotional distress). It’s extremely uncomfortable to watch and pisses me off. “Sorry I did that, it will never happen again.” That’s not acceptable behaviour in the first place and covering it up with humour does not excuse what he did. *fuming*

Alrighty, I filled the queue up again.

I was out camping with a friend last weekend and was bitten by something on the top of my left foot. It’s itchy as hell and swelled to about 2/3 of my actual foot by the next day. I don’t think mosquito bites usually do that (but I might be allergic to them as well, I have no idea since the mosquito bite on my arm is perfectly normal and didn’t swell unless I scratched it) and considering it is still swelled and itchy, I think a spider may have bitten me. I HATE SPIDERS OKAY. JUST NO.

My first summer without a job is weird, I should be volunteering but I don’t want to and it’s hot as hell.

I should go have lunch now. Byeeee~


Natalie Dormer - Glamour US - June 2014