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So I have been really sick the past few days (flu season has started early it looks like) and I am back at Uni and in clinical (aka practicums) for the next 15 weeks. This 1st rotation is 5 weeks long but I am already completely swamped with orientation, group projects, assignments and seminars. My body physically felt like it had run two marathons and I was feverish throughout most of my orientation days. And it’s only been 3 days.

Sadly, (not that I have a lot of followers or anything or even update that much anymore) I think I may need to go on a full hiatus. I just don’t have the energy to check tumblr anymore (I am even behind with teen wolf). I might set up a long queue this weekend but if I don’t, my blog will be updated and put on hiatus until further notice (maybe be back at the end of November for my last rotation). Toodlez to my dear friends, sorry I have not been able to keep up with my messages and if you still want to chat with me, tweet me or something. I am more likely to check when I get notifications.

In Toronto for the week. Feet hurt a lot. No queue because I didn’t bring my laptop.


Thank you California for everything & the best summer of my life and to everyone here be back in a couple weeks ! - jayalvarrez